Grandmaster Kee S. Ha

Founder, 9th Dan WTF Black Belt, BBA

Grand Master Kee S. Ha is KEES’ founder. His values of honour, courage, tradition, excellence and family are guiding principles for every instructor and student who has come in contact with KEES. Whether directly or indirectly, his influence is always present. His example of hard work and dedication is one reason that KEES Taekwondo enjoys the respect of the national and international taekwondo community.

Recognition for Grandmaster Ha’s achievements over the past almost six decades includes a Citation Award from the World Taekwondo Federation for his contribution to the advancement of taekwondo as a martial art and sport, and inductions into both the Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Sport Halls of Fame as well as the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal of Honor. He has served the Canadian sports community on various occasions as Team Canada Trainer, Manager and Team Head.

KEES Taekwondo would not exist without Grandmaster Kee S. Ha. From the tens of thousands of students whose lives have benefited from KEES excellence, we offer him our heartfelt gratitude!

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