teens + adults

A fun, inspiring environment where participants are challenged to achieve both physical and mental excellence.

Please Note:
Ages are guidelines only. During the free introductory lesson and assessment, the instructor will discuss suggestions for the best placement and program for your child’s personality and needs.


Suggested age 13 to 19 years.

Kees Teens participate alongside the adults in a fun, exciting and challenging environment.

They are encouraged to take part in programs that further develop their talents and interests. For example, the Kees Leadership Program and Competition Team teach skills, such as cooperation, respect and self-discipline, that help them meet the challenges of a teenager and are transferable to both their school, and later their work, environments.

We support Kees Teens to achieve their best in all they pursue and encourage them to make positive choices that will serve them for a lifetime.


Positive Self-Image
Positive Body Image
Positive Peer Group
Constructive Role Models
Leadership Opportunities


Suggested age 19+.

Kees Adults often have demanding work, study and family situations. Our classes challenge and inspire them through a combination of physical and mental development. The result is greater confidence, stress relief and increased energy. The focus and concentration required to achieve their physical goals also translates into other areas of their lives.

We are proud to provide a supportive environment that fosters success and achievement for all participants, regardless of ability.



Additional Classes

For the individual, child or family, we have a variety of classes to choose from, both in-person or online.


We have four avenues available to take your training to a higher level: Black Belt, Masters, and Leadership.

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