our story

Our traditions, combined with ongoing development and innovation, have shaped both who we are as an organization and as a contribution to the taekwondo community.

1960s – A Foundation of Excellence

Kee means foundation in Korean and is the generational name of our founder, Grandmaster Kee S. Ha. Already known for teaching excellence throughout Korea by the late sixties, Ha moves to Canada with a dream: to share the skills and values of taekwondo beyond his homeland.

1970s – KEES Establishes in Canada

Grandmaster Kee S.Ha establishes the first KEES Taekwondo school in Regina, moving to its permanent Saskatoon location in 1976. There, he is joined by his younger brother, Grandmaster Kee Ha, and together they build a highly regarded organization with many loyal and talented instructors and students.

1980s – Branching Out

Grandmaster Kee Ha brings KEES taekwondo to Vancouver. He becomes a top-ranked provincial, national and Olympic coach. The school becomes one of  Canada’ most outstanding martial arts schools. New schools are established in North Battleford, Prince Albert and Melfort.

1990s – Award Winning

Both grandmasters, their instructors and students gain multiple provincial, national and international awards and medals, as well recognition for outstanding contribution to the advancement of Olympic style competition. The Yorkton school is added to the fold.

2000s – Tradition Powers Innovation

Taekwondo becomes an official Olympic sport thanks in large part to the efforts of KEES’ grandmasters, instructors, and students. Many become national and international leaders in coaching, completion and refereeing. KEES Calgary is established by Master Yoon Sang Ha and KEES gets a new logo and brand identity.

2010s – Expanded Curriculum

New locations open in the Okanagan and Richmond, BC. The KEES curriculum expands to include educational and age-appropriate practices for confidence building, resilience, and personal agency. Along with its leadership training and development, a KEES education now provides lifelong benefits for all ages.

2020s – Ongoing Development

KEES adapts and grows. Online classes become available. We continue to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion, ongoing innovation and information exchange. Join us and become part of this ever-evolving, exciting story!

Tradition Powers Innovation

To achieve our goals it is essential to have a vision beyond what we see. We are dedicated to continuous advancement to provide the ultimate in martial arts education.

Meet The KEES Family

Meet the team behind the ever-evolving KEES story of excellence.