Grandmaster Kee Ha

President, 9th Dan WTF Black Belt

Grandmaster Kee Ha is a visionary; a practical dreamer. He sees what’s possible and with his inclusive leadership style, inspires others to bring their best efforts to making the possible a reality. He has a sense of duty and commitment to bringing the benefits of taekwondo beyond KEES to the entire Canadian community. To this end he has twice served, including since October 2020, as President of Taekwondo Canada, the governing body for Taekwondo in Canada.

His experience as Head Coach and head of Team Canada’s elite athletes at the Athens and Beijing Olympics, and many other international games, has earned him recognition and awards from the taekwondo community at home and abroad. Grandmaster Ha is one of the first people to earn the National Coaching Institute’s Level Four and Five High Performance Coach certification in taekwondo.

For all his accomplishments, Grandmaster Ha still delights in teaching classes and monitoring the progress of KEES students throughout British Columbia as well as mentoring instructors and leaders.

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