Master Trevor Warkentin

Head Instructor, Okanagan Region, 6th Dan WTF Black Belt

Master Trevor Warkentin constantly seeks information and knowledge so that he can deliver his students and instructors the best KEES experience possible.

He ensures that each student has every available opportunity to benefit from leadership training and competition so they can enhance their basic taekwondo skills and advance their personal development and life skills.

Master Warkentin encourages his students to participate in Poomse and full-contact competitions, according to their skills and interest. He acted as head coach for Team Kelowna at the 2012 International Children’s Games in Daegu, Korea. His students also benefit from his personal experience as a competitor at the first World Muye Championships in Korea 2003. 

Each year (in normal times) Master Warkentin hosts the KEES Invitational Tournament. This provides his students the experience, growth and enjoyment that can come from practicing and participating in competition.

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