Master Nick Cheng

Head Instructor, Greater Vancouver Region, 6th Dan WTF Black Belt, BBA

Master Nick Cheng embodies the KEES tagline: Tradition Powers Innovation. His commitment to excellence is evident in his teaching philosophy—each student lives their life from the mindset of a black belt: responsibility, confidence, respect, integrity and determination. Master Cheng is especially interested and accomplished in developing leadership teams, which provide the members opportunities to acquire transferable skills that serve them in all areas of their lives.

Master Cheng’s achievements and experience are well-rounded including two-time silver medalist, Level 3 instructor certification, NCCP Level 3, and 1st Class Provincial Referee. At KEES, he was director of the Vancouver and Richmond Instructor and Demonstration teams as well as head coach and director of the Vancouver and Richmond Competition Teams.

Building on the values instilled by his father, and the knowledge he has gained from Grandmaster Ha, Master Cheng continues to pursue knowledge and innovate in order to further KEES ongoing growth and development.

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