Kees Star Program provides students and their families with opportunities to communicate about important ideas. It is based on concepts and ideals from Kees traditions, values and Code of Honour. Each month there is a new theme to challenge and intrigue students’ imaginations.

Communication is a large benefit from the STAR program. Instructors discuss the theme throughout the month and provide students with real life examples. Many parents find that the themes offer great opportunities to discuss many important topics with their children. By providing children with the means to express their ideas, hopes and feelings, the Kees Star Program encourages children to explore their thoughts and talents and to share them with others.

An artfully designed assignment sheet provides background on the theme and offers suggestions for projects that the students create. “Any other way that your amazing brain can come up with to show what you know!” is always one of the project options. For their efforts, students receive—what else—stars!—that are displayed on their uniforms as a sign of their accomplishment. In the Kees Kids Read section of the assignment sheet, students recommend books that they think other kids will enjoy.

To view some of the books Kees Kids Read click here.


  • Improved Family Communication
  • Advanced Thinking Skills
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Values Clarification
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Fun
  • Challenge