About Us


our mission & our values


Kees Tae Kwon Do is dedicated to continuous improvement that provides the ultimate in martial arts education.


Values are the principles we hold to be of worth in our lives. We do not choose our values; our values are the foundation of who we are.

At Kees we do our utmost to live our values because they serve our students, our communities and ourselves, as an organization and as individuals.

We understand the role values have in shaping positive, worthy actions and are committed to ensuring our values match our actions.


our motto & student creed


Tradition Powers Innovation: our motto is a summary of Kees Tae Kwon Do history, philosophy and intention. Our traditions are traced back over 2000 years to the walls of Korean caves and its culture. These traditions are joined with Canadian experience and values to create an inspired, dynamic organization.

Our innovations are listed in the achievements of our Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, staff and students. This combination of tradition and innovation is part of our brand—it is who we are individually and as an organization.


I use what I learn at KEES to improve my life and the lives of others.

I follow the Kyo Hoon Code of Honour—Respect, Modesty, Integrity, Courage and Indomitable Spirit—to guide my thoughts and actions.

In all things, at all times, I do my best to be my best.


what it means

Our primary logo is a stylized rendition of Grandmaster Kee Ha doing a flying split kick; it expresses training, skill and power.

The secondary version is the Kicker breaking through the circle – aiming beyond principle. To break a board, brick or any other object, it is essential to set the target point beyond the physical object. To achieve objectives and goals, it is essential to have a vision beyond the immediate situation.

The colours of the circle represent the journey from white to black belt. They also evoke the symbolism of the Olympics. They connect both the martial arts and the sport aspects of WTF Taekwondo.