About Us


Foundation of excellence
Prior to coming to Canada with his young family, Grandmaster Kee S. Ha was already recognized in Korea for his exceptional skill as an Instructor. He combined excellent physical training with the principles of Taekwondo philosophy. This tradition of joining the physical and mental aspects of training is the firm foundation upon which Kees grows and develops martial arts excellence to this day. Grand Master Kee S. Ha is internationally recognized for his contributions to the development of Taekwondo. He is both the founder and the foundation of Kees Canada.

Branching out
Over the years, Grandmaster Kee S. Ha, 9th Dan, has influenced many young people to become outstanding Taekwondo instructors.

One of these people is his younger brother Grand Master Kee Ha, 9th Dan. (The brothers share the generational name, Kee, which means foundation.) After coming to Canada, Grandmaster Kee Ha lived with his older brother and his family in Saskatoon until 1982. During that time he learned skills and values from his brother which have served him all his life. When he decided to follow his own dream of becoming a top ranked coach and teaching everyone with a desire to learn the art of Taekwondo by moving to Vancouver, Grandmaster Kee Ha continued to receive the benefit of his older brother’s support and wisdom. He has had an extraordinary career, due in part to his own efforts and in part to his brother’s example.

National champions and innovative teachers – built on a foundation of family and excellence
Among other outstanding Kees instructors are Grandmaster Kee S. Ha’s two sons and his daughter. His sons, Master Yoon Sang Ha, 7th Dan of Calgary and Master Duk Sang Ha, 7th Dan of Saskatoon began training with their father, as small children. They are both former Canadian National Champions and dearly loved the sport of Olympic-style Taekwondo. Their talents go far beyond the competition ring, however. They are widely recognized for their extraordinary technical proficiency, their dedication to their students and their innovative teaching techniques. Their teaching excellence is a powerful resource and inspiration for their students and for all Kees Instructors.

Expansion to Alberta
In 2000, Master Yoon Sang Ha moved to Calgary to established Alberta’s first Kees Tae Kwon Do School. It quickly became one of Alberta’s most established martial arts schools. Master Duk Sang Ha carries on the tradition of excellence established by his father and contributes his own brand of creative teaching in his role as Head Instructor in Saskatoon. Calgary students also benefit from their sister, Jane Ha-Trapp, Vice-President of a leading marketing research firm, who contributes her teaching services whenever possible .

Kees family dedicated to your family
Grandmaster Kee S. Ha’s inspiration goes far beyond his immediate family members. All other Kees Masters, Head Instructors, Instructors and Staff are examples of the dedication, commitment and loyalty he evokes. Their stories and their families are all part of the Kees Story. To find more about them, please go to the Who’s Who and the Locations sections.

Ongoing development
A powerful aspect of the Kees Story is that everyone has a sense of belonging to the Kees Family. This atmosphere of belonging is directly attributable to Grandmaster Kee S. Ha’s strong character and sense of values. Together, Kees people combine their collective wisdom, energy and expertise to offer the on-going development of a Taekwondo system that is a synergistic blending of traditional and contemporary martial arts.

You are welcome to join us and to become part of this exciting, ever evolving, story.