About Us


Kees exists so that everyone who comes in contact with Kees has an enriched, empowered life as a result of the experience.

To achieve this purpose:

Kees is an organization that honours learning, wisdom and knowledge. We plan for the future, enjoy the present, and take advantage of opportunities that are congruent with our core values and purpose. Service to others is a high value and an integral aspect of the Kees character.

Kees people always strive to behave in a highly professional manner. We consistently offer top quality instruction, services, products and experiences. We serve our students, families and communities with professionalism, dignity and grace. We appreciate their trust and constantly strive to improve our knowledge so as to keep pace with their needs.

Kees conducts business in a manner that ensures we attract and retain high calibre individuals as employees and associates. We make every effort to choose staff and associates with care so that they will benefit and inspire each other and the public. We strive to have systems that ensure profitability and professional training so everyone can focus on delivering the ultimate in service and instruction. Kees appreciates all those who work for and with us because they are our face and soul.

Kees recognizes our responsibilities as members of society. We contribute to the communities where we live by participating in their well-being and development. We share our time, talents, expertise and service for the advancement of the entire Taekwondo community.

Kees understands that change occurs and that together we have the capacity to prevail. Indeed, we seek changes that are consistent with our core values. We constantly strive to be a Community of Leaders—pioneering, creating, innovating and contributing while maintaining our core values, beliefs and purpose.

In all things, we remember our foundation—tradition powers innovation.